Blackjack Myths Will Make You Lose Money in fun88

Don do this mistake's in blackjack!!!

If you believe in any of the following blackjack legends, you lose money. Don't make that mistake!

Myth 1: The purpose of blackjack is to be as close to 21 as possible

This is NOT the object of the game. The goal is to beat the dealer's hand.

Usually, the best strategy is to stand depending on your hand and the dealer's hand. Many people lose a hand because they hit the hand, when following the basic strategy they should stand.

Myth 2: Bad players make you lose.

Other players have no effect on whether you win or lose long.

It is true that stupid hands performed by stupid players can affect the outcome of a hand for others, but it can be mathematically proven that this can lead to the entire goal. .

Myth 3: Always buy insurance if you have blackjack

Insurance is the stupidest bet in blackjack. If a person gets insurance every time they encounter a blackjack game, they give up 13% of the profits that a blackjack game pays.

For a player to just break even with insurance, you'll have to guess 1 out of 3 times and don't have good odds!

Only when you are counting your cards do you need to consider buying insurance.

Myth 4: The dealer is HOT

Mathematically speaking, when you are winning, the deck structure works for you, and when you lose, it doesn't work for you.

Dealer has no choice but to act; they simply obey the rules of the house. You are a choice player and it is your choice that determines your level of success.

Myth 5: People entering the game in shoelaces can cause you to lose.

This is really like a player taking an extra card, or a player walking away in the middle of a match. Nothing makes you lose.

Myth 6: You are about to win The

House has won ten consecutive games - you will soon win.

A player's chances of winning the next hand do not depend on what happened earlier.

Of course, in the end, the number of hands you win will be around 48%, but this can last for a very long time! In short, ie a single session, the previous hands are unrelated.

Myth 7: The card (2) is the most favorable card for the

dealer. We noticed a decrease in points because it caused the dealer to deal cards often, because only one card can break the hand, (10), if the total is 12.

Mathematically, the player loses. more than when the dealer has an Ace or 10.

Myth 8: Don't divide 9, 9 by 9 of the dealer, you are doing two bad hands.

When the player has 9 & 9 versus the dealer's 9, the player has 18.
fun88 This doesn't beat 19 because of course we assume that the house has 10 in the hole. It is mathematically proven that a player will lose less money by splitting the number 9 than by standing.

The staple of every live casino, Blackjack on Fun88 is even more exciting with a live dealer. As you play live casino online, Blackjack is bound to keep you hooked by its simple stimulating premise -- better the odds to beat the dealer or fellow dealer by getting your cards as close to a 21. Also Fun88’s live stream offers you exciting table action as you play against others and enjoy the live action with live dealers and not to miss live winnings!

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